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My two years old son was diagnosed with severe eczema due to food allergies. His body had rashes which he scratched so much to the point that his skin was so dry. We tried prescription creams one after the other from his doctor. The problem was still there. After consulting with Pari about his daily diet, she reassured us that we needed to eliminate certain foods. We changed his diet and began using some specific essential oils and it was the answer! I am very glad that I used these oils on my baby and eliminated certain trigger foods.  My baby sleeps better now and his skin is back to normal.  As a mother I am very happy!"

Fatima Z. Aidarus
Allentown, PA


In the past seven years, I have tried various approaches in dealing with my health issues and for the first time, I feel like I am healing on multiple levels in a balanced way. Pari was able to assess my health condition and prescribe a regimen that was specific to my individual temperament and underlying health issues. Her practice is based on sound knowledge and a traditional cosmology that I believe in. It is essential to have trained practitioners who can help guide and assess people, especially with the often conflicting plethora of information out there that often lacks a cohesive framework for holistic health and healing. 

Veronica Hernadez
Alburtis, PA


I have occasional insomnia and Pari introduced me to a naturopathic, holistic approach to treating it. She has enabled me to select foods based on my temperament and utilize essential oils to improve my sleep. Pari is truly a gentle, caring healer who works with her clients to ensure their optimal health.

Lehigh Valley, PA


I highly recommend Pure Earth Healing for providing a natural approach to maintaining health, as well as restoring it through the practice of Unani Tibb. For decades I suffered numerous and reoccurring health issues. After trying Unani Tibb, I am thrilled to report that several issues of my health problems have been eliminated and others are improving. Pari Ansary, founder of Pure Earth Healing, has a wealth of knowledge in this area and a lovely practitioner-client demeanor. We are so fortunate that this approach to health care is now readily accessible here.

Mrs. JM


From the first time I found out that Pari is studying to be a Hakima, I felt so happy and knew I wanted her as my hakima for life. Pari’s passion for alternative health especially in the light of Unani Tibb medicine and prophetic medicine has stood out for me always. I also long admired her intelligence and focus in any field she worked in, as she is also an educator like me. Pari has been listening to my needs and giving me support towards health on every level ever since she generously agreed to take me on as a case study. I look forward to a lifetime of care in her capable hands, strong intellect and sincere heart.

Hala Kayyali


I met Pari in the summer of 2017. At that time, I was going through sleep deprivation and other health issues. She gave me the recipe for a particular tea. I have been drinking it ever since and I have to say it has helped me. It's easy to make and it tastes good. I'm sleeping well and I feel so much better. I've even told some of my friends about it. I will recommend Pari to anyone who has a health issue. And I can't say enough about the saffron elixir tea. Thank you Pari and God bless!

Montreal, Canada


I sat with Pari for a consultation and was blown away with all the information that she gave me about my temperament. She was so gentle, kind, attentive and patient with me. She answered all my questions thoroughly. I have been suffering from allergies for years and the one thing she advised me to drink warm water first thing in the morning. I followed her advice the very following morning, and I've been blown away just by the results of JUST DOING THAT! I made up my mind that she is my go to naturopathic doctor for everything from now on. Thank you, Pari!

Miriam Hamdan
Alexandria, VA


My visit to Pure Earth Healing was everything I was hoping it would be for myself and my daughter. We were given very specific health advice based off our individual temperaments and health issues. Incredibly detailed health plans were then emailed to us based off of what was discussed at our appointments. She covered everything from our diet, to what vitamins and minerals our bodies were in need of and what essential oils we need to incorporate for optimal health as well as lifestyle changes we need to make including physical, mental and spiritual changes. By visiting PEH, I was able to gain the confidence to start our healing journey and start leading a healthier life.

Hajera Sheriff
Teaneck, NJ


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